Strategic Brand Consultants is a market research and consulting firm with long and varied research experience. We partner with clients the world over, giving them the knowledge to make decisions about businesses and brands, understand people and anticipate and shape their future.

We specialize in bringing life lessons from the cultural and local learning’s into the corporate boardroom to give our clients the strategic insights they need to beat the competition.

We believe in creating wealth

  • Wealth of ideas
  • Wealth of information
  • Wealth, stemming from knowledge

This helps us to anticipate, visualize and meet needs of clients and consumers.


About Us

The focus of global marketers is shifting as a string of emerging markets compete for business press headlines. The maths is tempting: take a brand, scale up its sales to the population of India or China, let the spreadsheet do the rest. But global brands will only succeed in these markets if marketers understand their cultural nuances.

We are experts in identifying the key issues affecting brands and business today.

What are those issues?
We are faced with a great range of specific issues and decisions for which our clients seek guidance, but at a macro level these fit into a few important areas. We have expert practices in:

  • Branding & Communication
  • Consumer Understanding
  • Customer Relationships
  • Innovation
  • New Media

You need to make more decisions, faster than ever before.

Each research study must address a specific set of concerns and objectives, often within very tight time constraints. How can you do this without a research team that knows your issue – even better than you do?
We have researchers who come armed with the relevant information to help you make decisions with better understanding and greater confidence.

We believe in being partners for our clients. What makes us different is: our approach. We like to think that approach makes all the difference.


We like to explore as many possibilities as possible even before we begin. Thinking at this stage coupled with our vast and diverse experience helps us to know what will work and what won’t. This helps us to suggest a plan, back up plan and a fall back option.


We like to arrive at what we want through mutually gratifying discussions with our respondents. The whole approach is to befriend them and be intimate. Some of our respondents have later gone on to become good friends! The advantage we feel in this approach is –perhaps we can know more. And this talent comes naturally to us.


We feel learning is an ongoing process. And our approach is to make every interaction count and use to learn more. We reflect this learning in our presentations and recommendations.


We help our clients strategize -strategy for growth, innovation and to beat the competition.


Good market research is all about asking the right people the right questions. At SBC we take pride in doing just that. Experience in marketing and research management enables us to ask the right questions to get the right results for our clients.

Our relevant and relative strengths

  • Intelligent, thoughtful and cost conscious approach
  • High quality work with attention to detail
  • Practical recommendations
  • Excellent customer service
  • Sound knowledge of research fundamentals

Our biggest expertise is that - we know

  • We know people
  • We know our culture
  • We know the habits, practices, attitude and lifestyle of our people

We blend the cultural knowledge with modern management principles. We know the collage of cultural diversity called India.


We organize the best focus group and research facilities across all major metros in India.

  • New Delhi
  • Mumbai
  • Chennai
  • Bangalore
  • Kolkata
  • Hyderabad

We have people in our team who speak English and local languages. We talk to our consumers in language they are most comfortable in. We believe this is important to start the process of understanding.

Our clients view live fieldwork though closed circuit TV. We have simultaneous translators who help our clients understand what the consumers are saying.

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